Last night two parishioners got engaged!

Jason Burgoin and Lisa Morel have been attending since Christmas and are a great young couple. Lisa is a member of HMCS Hunter. Last night while on Parade, while she thought she was receiving and award, Lisa was given a ring on bended knee. Jason emerged from the woodwork to take over from the CO who was making the presentations. It was a great surprise to Lisa and to at least some of the ship’s company!

Congratulations Lisa and Jason. We now look forward to your wedding.   

We pray with you that you may prepare faithfully to be married and that you be aware of the support of your friends and family and of your parish community.  Lisa is headed off for four months with the Navy and we pray for you both during this upcoming time that you will be strengthened by the knowledge of God’s care and attention to you both.

A prayer:

We praise you, Lord,
for your gentle plan draws together your children,
Jason and Lisa
in love for one another.
Strengthen their hearts,
so that they will keep faith with each other,
please you in all things,
and so come to the happiness of celebrating the sacrament of their marriage.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen!

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