Not by our planting

You may or may not know Joe Spiteri and Chantelle Caza.  They are a couple in our [parish who are about to add to their family. They are leaving tomorrow for Durban, South Africa where they will be adopting JOSEPH MASONDO NATAL  SPITERI. He will be called “Nate.” This is great cause for celebration. Joe and Chantelle are good people and they will be enriched by having a child. Further, this child who was left at the road side where he could be found by the hospital will have two wonderful and loving parents and a great new home in Canada!

 Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao, who has worked extensively in the family field assert that, “Adoption is not about finding children for families, it’s about finding families for children” I spoke briefly with Chantelle and Joe on Saturday and I was thrilled to the core at what is about to transpire in their lives. Thrilled because what the good doctor suggests is correct and that in this case a child, who has been abandoned, is finding a family.

In South Africa and in other places around the world there is a sorry reality that because of Governments and pressures that make it difficult for mothers to keep children are often abandoned where they can be found, and hopefully, cared for.  In Nate’s case I know that he will be given a good home to a loving couple of parents who will offer him all the care that they can. I would like to congratulate Joe and Chantelle and thank them for having the courage to do what they are doing.

I offer this Jewish prayer at this important time and I encourage all of you to pray for Nate and for Joe and Chantelle. They will come together on Thursday. We look forward to seeing them back healthy and safe.

Pledge for an Adopted Child

We did not plant you,
But when the season is done,
When the alternate prayers
For the sun and for rain are counted,
When the pain of weeding
And the pride of watching are through,
We will hold you high.

A shining leaf
Above the thousand seeds grown wild
Not by our planting,
But by heaven.
Our harvest.
Our own child.

                       – Debra Nussbaum Cohen

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