Christ is Risen

Tonight we celebrated the Resurrection in the Easter Vigil! This is a great night in the church as we take the first chance after sundown to give thanks for the Light which dispels all darkness. I always enjoy this liturgy and tonight I really felt my second wind coming on. I have been sick most of the week and gradually as we moved from Holy Thursday (when I felt the worst and had nearly no voice at all) to tonight I have been getting better. I always get a great sense of the resurrection at the Easter Vigil and tonight was no exception to that.

As we sang the Lord’s Prayer tonight I was particularly moved by Michael Peters. Michael was singing his heart out. At that moment I was filled with great hope. In Michael I saw very clearly that Light has triumphed over darkness. The joy that he expressed in singing that prayer was for me a clear expression of God’s Love as shown on that fine young man. Thank you Michael for showing me the face of The Christ tonight.

Tomorrow we get to celebrate the feast again. I expect the same excitement, the same joy, and the same sense of triumph that we enjoyed this evening.  I look forward to it – I will go rest to rose in excitement for tomorrow!

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