It’s a Good Day

I love Spring Days. Today we had a great Palm Sunday Celebration at the church. The procession of palms was fantastic and it was a good full church with lots of spirit. Palm Sunday is really such a great Feast Day. Great because of the liturgy and the foreshadowing of what is to come in a week’s time. Easter is around the corner and there is no doubt when we sing the Hosannas on this day to celebrate Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem we are getting ready to sing of even greater victory that is just ahead.

Alas, we must not get ahead of ourselves. We have Holy week ahead of us and so much to experience and some of it is quite dark and painful. We enter into this week, though knowing that there will be dancing, knowing that we can in integrity acknowledge our participation in the crucifixion because of the forgiveness of the resurrection!

Having had such a great time at church I was able to move to the afternoon in glee. And what a day to be in glee! The weather is warm and sunny. As I type this I am sitting on the Patio BBQing supper. Life is good today. We need to all learn to enjoy the moments. We can’t expect each day, each moment even to be joyous or happy. Today’s liturgy is a reminder of that. We enter the Passion Liturgy in great joy and celebration and by the time of the Gospel we are reminded of the suffering of Christ.  Life has the capacity to do the same to us. There is a lot of difficult crap that comes down the pipes. It is not always easy. We live in that knowing that we are loved and supported by a God who sees past all of our flaws and all of our mistakes and all of our shortcomings. So the Sun shines warm on my face and I smile and enjoy this MOMENT.  Today is pretty good. That is enough to celebrate for today – Tomorrow will bring its own cares and concerns.                                      

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