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April 2007

John and Adam Balboa!

Back in September Adam and John Charlton took up boxing. Now at the time, I must confess that I was a little skeptical about these two rather slight young men taking up what to me seems a rough sport. However,... Continue Reading →


Last night two parishioners got engaged! Jason Burgoin and Lisa Morel have been attending since Christmas and are a great young couple. Lisa is a member of HMCS Hunter. Last night while on Parade, while she thought she was receiving... Continue Reading →

Busy Schedules

Where have I been? Long time with no Blog – SORRY! A Birthday                                                                                                                                                                              Thursday was my Birthday – I Turned 36! Seemed old to me a few years ago---now I’m in my late Thirties – not so old at all.... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Alanah!

Eight years ago today I was given a great birthday gift. While she was born a day ahead of my birthday - It was for me a great gift! Born to our friends and parishioners Scott and Rae Anne Shields... Continue Reading →

Not by our planting

You may or may not know Joe Spiteri and Chantelle Caza.  They are a couple in our [parish who are about to add to their family. They are leaving tomorrow for Durban, South Africa where they will be adopting JOSEPH... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go!

Tonight is “Yuri’s Night.” There are actually parties organized around the world to celebrate the first human flight ever into space. On this day in 1961 space, Yuri Gagarin and on this day in 1981 the first space shuttle was... Continue Reading →

Hildegard von Bingen

Oh fire of the Holy Spirit,life of the life of every creature,holy are you in giving life to forms… Oh boldest path,penetrating into all places,in the heights, on earth,and in every abyss,you bring and bind all togetherFrom you clouds flow,... Continue Reading →

Henri Nouwen Reflection for Today

This came via email as my daily refelction - I quite liked it - Thought we could all take a page from it. Weather it is me viewing a bishop or others viewing a priest like myself - this is... Continue Reading →

Christ is Risen

Tonight we celebrated the Resurrection in the Easter Vigil! This is a great night in the church as we take the first chance after sundown to give thanks for the Light which dispels all darkness. I always enjoy this liturgy... Continue Reading →

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