Go Habs Go!!!


Catherinanne is the best. She arranged for me to have trip to Montreal this weekend and it was unbelievable.  More to follow at later time, but suffice to say…seeing some of my family here (They flew up for NL), seeing Les Canadiens in Montreal (a childhood dream), have a day or two away with Catherinanne to enjoy all of that and to get rest has been wonderful.  I am so glad that Catherinanne insisted that we go. It has been great!

Yesterday marked the day that I asked Catherinanne to marry me. I am glad that we could be in Montreal yesterday to mark that. I was thinking yesterday that it is a little more scenic and romantic than the "7 Dwarfs Restaurant" in London (now Closed due to a Fire).  None the less it was all good at the time. There was a guy there with an Accordion and another with a saxophone and they came to the table and played for me. One of the songs was “You are my Sunshine.” It is good to have people in your life who care so much.  Love you Catherinanne and Thank you for this great weekend past! You are my sunshine….I guess this is getting real sappy now! But sappy can be real good I think.

Check out the Highlights of Saturday’s Game!

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