Happy Anniversary

Today marks one year of blogging. I must say I have enjoyed it very much. Of course I can’t say for sure if it has been of benefit to the web or the world but for me it was and is a benefit as it has encouraged me to on a nearly daily basis to organize my thoughts around something or another. So Happy anniversary to Revy Kevy’s Corner – one triumph is knowing that if you Google Revy Kevy – My Blog is the # 1 hit!

Today was Prodigal Day at the church. That is to say the story of the Prodigal Son was the Gospel. It is one of my favorite text to preach as I think it is so rich. Prodigal is usually defined as wastefully or recklessly extravagant. That is appropriate as the whole story is about extravagance, reckless extravagance. Think about it. We focus on the fact that the young son was prodigal but the anger of the older brother was also recklessly extravagant. His jealously, his resentment and his disgust as expressed to his father were all examples of reckless extravagance.  Then there was the father. A parent who loves at great cost.  The father who even though that which he worked so hard for was squandered still reached to love. Talk about extravagant and reckless. Even though his heart was broken by his child he choose to love and embrace. He rejoiced at the fact that his son was returned. All of you who are parents will know what this is all about. Sometimes parents are hurt and devastated, dismayed and disappointed – but the are always a parent. The love of a parent is prodigal. It is reckless and it is extravagant. The love of a parent is forgiving and it is overwhelming.  Today we heard the story of the prodigal – it is a reminder of our choices in live. We can choose to be extravagant in love, in repentance, in forgiveness or we can choose to be extravagant in vengeance, anger, judgment and resentment. We can choose to be a people who seek to be forgiven and a people who forgive. Most of all we need to be reminded that we are a people who are so loved by God that we will be embraced and forgiven no matter how insecure or afraid we are. We all can all come home to God.

This video below shows some different images of the story of the Prodigal. It is set to a song about the parable. Quite good. Just shut of the music on windows player – top left of the blog and click play to look and listen!


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