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March 2007

Putting and End To Discrimination

I was privileged to be at the church tonight. This was the fifth in our eight part Lenten series on outreach and justice.  Tonight Elise Harding Davis was our speaker and the topic was discrimination. As an African- Canadian this... Continue Reading →

Go Habs Go!!!

 Catherinanne is the best. She arranged for me to have trip to Montreal this weekend and it was unbelievable.  More to follow at later time, but suffice to say…seeing some of my family here (They flew up for NL), seeing... Continue Reading →

Five Ladies and an Archbishop

Today the church commemorates Thomas Cranmer – Archbishop of Canterbury and Martyr. This man is known as the author of Common Prayer. Cranmer was the person responsible for the most defining feature of Anglicanism – Common Prayer. It was important... Continue Reading →

Awful Violence

I was searching some news from the last week when I landed on this Headline - A girl's beloved dog, a grisly nightmare “Crystal Brown's therapy dog disappeared. Later, the teen received his severed head gift-wrapped like a present.” The... Continue Reading →

St. Joseph of Nazareth

On Saturday, I wrote about Joseph of Arimathea – it was his day of commemoration or memorial. Today is the feast day of St. Joseph of Nazareth. We revere Joseph as the father of Jesus. Among many other places, and... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary

Today marks one year of blogging. I must say I have enjoyed it very much. Of course I can’t say for sure if it has been of benefit to the web or the world but for me it was and... Continue Reading →

A Saint’s Day Today?

Today is the feast day of St. Patrick. “Of course,” you say, “Everyone know that March 17 is St Patty’s day!” Lesser known is the fact that the Roman Calendar also observes today as the Feast day for Joseph of... Continue Reading →

Serving Humanity

The Nursing Home Lions (NHL) is a team of volunteers who visit the Nursing home to bring communion once each month. We have three homes to visit.) Today the NHL from St. Mark’s by the Lake Visited Extendicare in Tecumseh.... Continue Reading →

Outreach and an Arby’s Beef and Cheedar

It has been a full day. Today is Wednesday and that means Arby’s for lunch after our Wednesday Morning Eucharist. It also means Lenten Justice Series. Today was a BIG day for the Arby’s Group. You see March Break may... Continue Reading →

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