Hockey Day at St. Mark’s by-the-Lake

Hockey Jersey Sunday was a great success. I am pleased to say that there was a great representation o a lot of different Hockey Sweaters from lots of different places. Some were pro and some were junior and some where minor hockey. At least one was University – it was a great Windsor Lancer’s Sweater.  Today we had Tony Doucette from CBC’s 1550 Early Shift (5 AM – 8:40 AM, Monday to Friday) with us. He wore the Lancer’s Sweater. Tony and I share the air at 8:15 every Monday Morning with a little piece of fun called Jump Start Trivia. It is a lot of fun and Tony is a great guy. Thank you Tony for a great morning.  Tony read a book entitled My Leafs Sweater. It is an answer to the classic The Hockey Sweater, which I read a couple of years ago. While the later chronicles the love the les Canadiens  and Maurice Richard’s beloved number 9 Sweater, the book that Tony offered today recounts a boys love for the leafs and Darryl Sittler’s beloved number 27. It is a great book that recounts being at that great game when Sittler netted six goals. It was an excellent story and the children and the adults all enjoyed Tony offering it.  

The kids all really enjoyed HJS. The best was the Altar Servers with their face paint. I enjoy seeing the children have so much fun and today sure was a lot of fun. What was great was that children of all ages had a great time. The church was again pretty full and we all were pleased to celebrate the love we all have for hockey. It was also a good day to e reminded of how we must all come down from the mountaintop experience of last week’s Annual meeting which saw us approve a $1 000,000 building project, to get to work and do the work of expanding our church to the world around it. We were reminded of that call in an excellent Anthem from the Choir called A Church Without Walls. It was excellent. Our Choir is amazing and Andrea’s gifts are evidenced in their excellence.

It was a bad day for me to brag about my Montreal Canadiens. They have lost six in a row and are presently out of a playoff spot. The Leafs on the other had are on fire and are now in the hunt. This is not good news for us Montreal fans. On the bright side – The Wings are really doing well and I love the wings as well. Who am I kidding – I actually just love hockey and would watch any game going.

Many thanks to Catherinanne and Madhu Athavale for the great photos you see on the blog. If there are others out there that you would like added just email them to me and I’ll get them on. Thanks’ to all who were there for an excellent day.

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