Hearts and Maple Leafs


Happy Flag Day

Yesterday was St. Valentine’s Day and today is Flag Day. Two exciting days in a row. These days combine a day to say “I love you” to our someone special and a day to say “I love you” to our great nation and it’s flag. It was good to see so many people taking opportunity to give a Valentine yesterday and great to see people expressing their love so openly.  Today I was disappointed to not see so much love being expressed for our flag. Now granted this day has only been around for 11 years and we are just picking up the idea with more zeal but we should be proud of our flag and what it represents.

So the day has passed and you may have not even realized that this was Flag. The 15th of February was the day in 1965 when the flag was first raised.  This is a great day to get a flag if you don’t already have one, even a little one will do. The flag is a reminder to all of us of our love for our country. There is so much to be proud of. This is the greatest place to be. We are a country that has always welcomed people and has worked hard to create a mosaic of many peoples. We are a country largely celebrates the principals multiculturalism. We protect the rights of all persons and we seek to find the ways in which we can be better. Take a moment tonight or i

f you missed it tomorrow, and think about what makes you proud to be a Canadian. There are many reasons I am sure.  Think of the Olympics when the Canadian Flag is raised and we hear the national anthems. We all feel pride when those moments happen and today is a great day to celebrate all of those great emotions.  My love to our flag and our country!

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