Exciting Plans From Becker

Last night our Markus Group was given a walk through of the virtual images of a proposed additions to our church which will be presented to the community on Sunday morning at our Annual Vestry Meeting.  I think it would be fair to say that there was a great deal of excitement in the room and all were impressed with the work of Dr. Norm Becker . Norm brought virtual images of what the church might look like if we decide to move forward with a plan toward growth.

It is an impressive plan that provides more worship space, more bathroom space, more Sunday school space, more multi-use space, more space for small group ministries, more kitchen space, lots of new storage space and generally more useful space. It also provides a space which is highly energy efficient and addresses a variety of concerns with regards to energy that we are now dealing with. It is a good plan that not only allows us to make more space and more modern space, but it really holds onto the traditional look of our church. In fact when in looking at the virtual drawings one sees that in many ways the church looks more classically Anglican than it does presently. If you have not planned on being at Sunday’s meeting and you have the time, I would suggest you come by to see the presentation  – it is very impressive.  

Norm’s presentation was excellent. Norm is very knowledgeable and a great communicator and addressed well all of the concerns that were brought to him. We look forward to Sunday and a broader conversation with the church about this proposal and a vote on whether to move forward.

Good news as well before the meeting last night. After much prayer and perhaps the intervention of the Queen – the Anglican no longer has frozen pipes and all is well. It occurred to me that yesterday was the anniversary of the of Queen Elizabeth the Second ascending to the throne.  On Feb 6, 1952 Queen Elizabeth took on the Queen-ship of the Commonwealth and she also by virtue of her position ‘figurehead’ of the Anglican Church.  Now it seems to me a strange coincidence that on the anniversary of he ascension to the throne, I was again able to ascend the two steps up to my ‘throne’ in the Anglican. What ever caused it to happen I am thrilled. It was becoming increasingly difficult to use the Vatican upstairs as I was beginning to feel as though I had worn out my welcome. I mean I really do not belong in the Vatican. I am welcomed there when ever I decide to go but it really is not quite the same as being in the familiar surroundings of the regal Anglican


So prayers are answered. There was a free flow of all good things for the ANGLICAN last night!

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