A Frozen Anglican

Today we are getting read for a meeting of both Markus and the Parish Council.

This is a big night as we are all concerned about the future growth of St. Mark’s and are being called to look at possibilities of change. Tonight Norm Becker will make his proposal to the group on how he feels he can alter our existing church and hall to make space for the many and diverse ministries that are taking place here. Norm has worked hard over these past weeks to get a plan in place and we are grateful for his generosity and his skill. We all look forward to seeing his concept. His work is also a gift to this parish and we should be grateful for his time and generosity of spirit.


All of our work tonight is in preparation for vestry this upcoming Sunday. The work of Markus (Our Task Force of Parish Growth) has been fantastic and the great ideas and new ministries that have sprung up have been wonderful. It should be welcomed news to all who attend this weekend that the strength of lay ministry in this parish has never been better and it bodes well for the long term future and viability of this parish. There is no doubt in my mind that there is not a better climate in the diocese in which to engage a conversation about growth than this parish of St. Mark’s by-the-Lake. These are exciting times at St. Mark’s by-the-Lake. [If you have not already done so, please visit www.stmarkschurch.net and follow the link found under the Vestry Meeting Advert on the front page to read the Vestry Report].


In the meantime I continue to function like everyone else, as best as I can in these cold, cold temperatures. It was down to minus 30 here yesterday. The cold weather here these past few days has been atrocious. I mean – I thought I had lived the last of that in Labrador City. It may be one thing in the north but this place just is not built for these temperatures. It has meant frozen pipes in the church hall – (thankfully fixed now) and frozen pipes in the rectory – (not yet fixed). The problem seems to be with the hot water to the downstairs bathroom – which I have called the Anglican. This has forced me since Sunday to spend all bathroom time in the Vatican upstairs. Yes we have two washrooms in our home and we have appropriately named them the Vatican and the Anglican. The Vatican is almost too ornate. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love to visit it from time to time, and the art work and painting is beautiful, but I much prefer the simplicity of the Anglican. I continue to pray for the Anglican in hopes that all things flow freely soon! The Vatican, while adequate for my use, does not have the same charm or regality of the Anglican. In fact the throne in there, appropriately, is two steps up from the basement floor. This, of course, is respecting to our Church of England roots. The Queen Herself, figurehead of the church, would be thrilled to see the respect the throne is given and the high prestige with which it is placed in the Anglican. I am a little nervous about the frozen pipe as sometimes it is hard to move anything that is frozen in Anglicanism.


The day marches on and I must continue to prepare for tonight’s meeting. Say a prayer for the parish as we look to move forward and say a prayer for the frozen pipes in the Anglican. As Anglicans we have often been referred to as God’s Frozen Chosen. Let’s pray that both the Anglican and we Anglicans can prove that moniker wrong. May God’ freedom flow – and may we all in turn grow in the love and hope of tomorrow.

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