Orpheus Descending and Bob Visiting

Sorry about the four days of rest from the Blog!

Yesterday our parish celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany. We were pleased to have Bishop Bob Bennett at church today. It was great for me at 10:30 AM as he Preached, gave the children’s focus and celebrated. I just sat there and look pretty, or a least tried to. In Newfoundland it is customary to build an evergreen arch to welcome the bishop to the parish. I remember as a child helping my father build an arch of welcome and line it with evergreen branches. At My request, Jerry Pardy and Bob Cooper spent a couple of hours on Friday building one for Bishop Bob. He was thrilled with the results. You can see photos on the parish web page as well as at the end of this blog! Church was good and we had a great Q and A with the Bishop during Coffee hour. Thanks so much Bob for a great day.


Our Epiphany Party of Friday Night was excellent thanks to Jane Cornett and her firm planning. She is grateful fir the many who assisted as am I. It was replete with a visit from the three wise guys; you have to see the photos. Just visit www.stmarkschurch.net and go to the photo section. My favourite wise “guy” is the big blonde. The kids all had a great time as did the adults. It is a great way to mark Epiphany and I am so thrilled that we had it again.  


After church we made off to Toronto to take in Orpheus Descending. It is a Tennessee Williams play from the 50s that has been readapted. It was really well done and the acting was superb. We are presently lodged up at the Royal York and are about to get some rest before the trip home tomorrow.  I don’t know how many of you watch Canada AM each morning but the co-host is a Newfoundlander by the Name of Seamus O’Regan.  We were standing waiting to go into the theatre when I noticed him standing just beside me so I introduced myself and Catherinanne and I made a new Newfoundland friend. We chatted some more over a beverage during the intermission.  He was a delight to talk too and really friendly in every sense. He does an awesome Loyola Sullivan impersonation as well. There is a photo at the end of the blog of Seamus with us both.


The play is really well done and if you are in Toronto in the near future take it in. Jonathan Goad who plays the lead character is excellent. The play was a real statement about live and the need to live if. There are a flurry if great lines encouraging life.


Well it is off to rest – chat tomorrow.


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