Can you Laugh in Heaven?

Today in history was a big one. On January 3, 1521, Pope Leo X issues the papal bull Decet Romanum Pontificem, which excommunicates Martin Luther from the Roman Catholic Church. Martin Luther had certainly by that time become a big thorn in the side of the church. Luther had come to a place of theological renewal in his own journey and was communicating that renewal a little too loudly for poor Pope Leo X.  This Bull implored Luther to recant his 95 thesis.

For all of the fuss that Luther’s theological renewal caused Pope Leo X, it really changed the face of the church forever. Luther became the catalyst for the protestant reformation. Luther’s life and theology is seen through out many wings of the church. There is no doubt that Luther was sincere in his angst and courageous in his fight for change in a church that was not anxious to hear him, or seek change. It meant that he eventually was labeled a heretic. We of course now value the teachings and the wisdom of Martin Luther. In any ready I have done about Martin Luther it is clear that he loved music, seeing it as secondary only to prayer, loved the church in its broadest sense, always encouraging to people to find God at Church. But I will always remember most reading this quotes attributed to Luther;  “If you are not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don’t want to go there” I identify with that. I have thought of it often sense beginning this journey of ordained ministry. From seminary, to various churches, there is always someone who does not appreciate humour coupled with church, which makes life a little harder for me. I love the church and I love to laugh. The words of Luther come before me when I am confronted with anal retentiveness. I am certain as Martin Luther was that laughter is a great gift from God. So I laugh and I pray, and I laugh and I pray. Trust me, without a sense of humour I’m not sure you could work in the church. And further I do feel strongly …  – “If you are not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don’t want to go there” So I guess you can draw the conclusion that I feel fairly certain that laughter is a great part of the City of God!

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