Alanah’s First Communion

Today we had First Communion at the church and it was a great event indeed. The first Sunday of Advent is always a special time as it begins a new church year. We had a great first communion class. You can see photos of them on the parish Web Page at . (There are a host of other photos from today – December 3 as well.) The kids were fantastic. They all made me very proud to be their priest and pastor. I think we see in the kids how very much Jesus is present and they all today reflected the light and love of Jesus. Jane and the parents did a great job of preparing and there was good teaching for kids and adults alike.


Today’s First Communion was special for Catherinanne and I as Alanah Shields made her first communion and she is our God Daughter. Hard to believe that she was born over 7 years ago. In fact, it is hard to fathom that we have been here long enough to have a God Daughter old enough to make her first communion. But I realized last night when we were out that we have been here for 8 years. We arrived on December 2, 1998. So all that being said….time flies.

We are so proud of Alanah. She is smart and beautiful and on a day like today she brings a tear to our eyes. Last week we had the chance to attend the Nutcracker with her in Detroit. I am not one for the ballet, but I was thrilled to see Catheriannne so happy to be there and to see Alanah enjoying the whole experience. She bought a new dress and had her hair done in anticipation of her big night out. She was a real princess. We were happy to have her for a sleep over that night and we look forward to another outing with her soon. She was fascinated by the skill and preparation. Today was a great day with her and we are presently at her house enjoying her party. We are always happy to have time with such a wonderful little woman. She is a great gift from God in our lives. Tonight I was reminded (Several times….by several people) that I had not Blogged about this great event in my life. So I make this public “mea culpa!” It was not a reflection of how wonderful that moment was.

Alanah is with me and she would love to say some things as well.

“I am happy to make my First Communion. It is very fun! Today we read in front of the church. I was very shy. Today was special because all of my family came to see me read and make my first communion. We made stoles for our first communion in class yesterday with the bread and the wine on them. We also made a tree with leaves that said what we forgive and stuff like that…I was happy that my Dad was at the communion classes with me. We made special communion bread. When I received communion I made my hands like a cradle.”


As you can see our Alanah is a very smart and thoughtful girl and we are glad that we could be with her on her special day!   

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