Monks, Lasers and Surprising Politicians

Congratulations to The Harper Government on today’s announcement to assist with drugs for Africa to combat HIV/AIDS. The government conformed today $125 Million to assist in fighting this awful pandemic in Africa. I must say it is surprising to me that this announcement was made at all, but I am always happy to have governments and more to the point, politicians surprise me.


Take a moment today and say a prayer for people across our earth who are fighting with this disease. Over 40 million people live with HIV/AIDS today. That is a huge number. It is good news that our government stepped up today. Visit Stephen Lewis’ page and you to can step up and give to this very worthy cause.


Speaking of a worthy cause…Today I heard about on the news and I took a little internet tour to their site. It is a great story of a 900 year old order that has gone into the business of providing cartridges for printers of all sorts. The prices are more than competitive and they have turned  this into a very profitable venture – this year it will make a 3-4 Million dollar profit. They hope to double that next year. But in perfectly good mink fashion they will give almost all of that away and is hoping to be able to do even more next year when they think they can double their sales and profits.


Take a minute and visit Lasermonks. You’ll be impressed.

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