Baptism and Justice

Sundays are always a blast. This past Sunday marked the end of the liturgical year with the feats of the Reign of Christ. We had excellent celebrations at the church. At the 10:30 AM Mass we had three baptisms. We congratulate Caleb, Aaron and Lauren on their baptisms.

We were very happy to tae part in such a special day and were thrilled to see so many people in church. Over 200 this week at the 10:30.

Now we get ready for Advent. It is time to make ready for the arrival of the Christ Child. Tonight I was reminded of that as I met with the OJT the Outreach and Justice Team at St. Mark’s. Lots of good conversations about justice work in the areas of refugee work as well as exciting possibilities to do great things in relation to HIV/AIDS in South Africa. In many ways the conversations we were having was really about making way for God’s reign. It is a conversation about making our hearts ready to welcome Jesus in the sick, the lonely and the persecuted. I was really pleased to hear of the exciting things that are coming up in Lent 2007. We have a great team of people who are working hard to make justice a bog part of the daily agenda at St, Mark’s by-the-Lake. In their way, they are making straight the path for the arrival of the Christ Child. To them I say well done.


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