I will Miss Erna Fowler

Tonight I was with the family of Erna Fowler at The Marcotte Funeral Home. It is always sad to have to reunite with people at such a hard time. Tonight we had prayers in the form of the Service of Light. It is a prayer service in which we all light a taper candle to remember the Erna. At the end of the service we all place our candles in a box of sand in front of Erna’s photo. The night ends in silence as we all go to our rest to meet tomorrow. It is a good way to come together in prayer and in support of a family in their worst hour.


I first met Erna just a little less than two years ago when her husband Burke died. I had not known the family before that time. In those moments though I came to know a wonderfully loving and tender family. Lynn and Todd and their families are great people and Erna and Burke were very obviously a lose couple who gave themselves to their family. I came to love a family in a difficult time indeed. We could not have imagined in January of 2005 that we would be together at the funeral home again, this time to say goodbye to Erna.


This past year or so has not been kind to Erna Fowler. Cancer is an awful disease and she fought it with the same dignity with which she lived life. I learned very quickly a couple of years ago what a lady Erna was and how very much she was loved and respected by so any people. I found for instance that there were a lot of people at St. Mark’s who knew her and Burke and all of them spoke to me about how very much they appreciated them both. Now, of course these people are all calling to offer the same words and to express their sorry at Erna’s death. I have only know this woman for a short time and I will miss her and her gentle nature. I invite you all to pray for Lynn and Brian and for Todd and Judith and for Erna’s grandchildren. If you knew Erna stop by Marcotte’s for visiting tomorrow or on Saturday Morning at 11:30 AM for her funeral.

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