Bazaars and Non-violence

A Beehive activity is the best description of the parish these past couple of days. We are getting ready for our Fall bazaar and Gloria Zeman, Janet Forster and their crews have all been busy beavers getting things together for Saturday. At present Pat Walsh and Bev Watson are on deck with the two earlier mentioned beavers.

Bazaars are great events in the life of parishes. They are great opportunity for the parish to come together and for the community around us to come in for a visit. It is also great to see the dedication that the people of the parish have in their hard work and their efforts.

I wish all who are working hard great success on Saturday. If you are looking for something to do stop by the church between 8:30 and 2 and see what a great bazaar we have. Have lunch with us if you like – Janet got a great kitchen going.

On a completely different note the news out of Iraq today is terrible. I would encourage all who profess the name of the Christ to pray for peace and for an end to the violence. I speak of non-violence a lot and sometimes am ridiculed for it. But I know of what I speak when I say that Jesus of Nazareth is a strong force in my life and the whole story of his journey to being the Christ is a story of peace and non-violence in the face of great violence and terror. I am called as are all the baptism to follow his example. I stumbled on this quote the other day and I can’t be sure who it is from, they are not my words, but they reflect my thoughts –

“Nonviolence doesn’t always work — but violence never does.”

Pray for the over 160 families who lost loved ones today in Iraq to the hands of violence…but for heaven’s sake – Pray for Peace.

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