Crocodile Rock

Yesterday was Guy Fawkes Day.  November 5th is still a big day in Newfoundland – and I am sure there were a lot of fires. Yesterday we were moving about as though there was a fire. It happened to be Catherinanne’s Birthday. We had a big day at church as well as we had two baptisms. We welcomed two beautiful girls into the community of God. Congratulations to the Parastiditis and Askin-Hager families. Paula and Genevieve were beautiful. We followed church with a vestry meeting (entire congregation). At that meeting the parish approved the Wardens to expand the job of Church Secretary to Parish Administrator beginning in January 07 after Margaret Clarke has retired.

After Church yesterday the surprise began. I took Catherinanne out of town for her birthday gift and she had no idea where se was going. Catherinanne is a big fan of Sir Elton John. I managed to get tickets for Copps’ Coliseum in Hamilton. The best part of all of it was that she really had no idea where we were going. It was a great surprise. We were able to spend a couple of hours at her parent’s house in London on the way. It was a good day for her.

The show was fantastic. Sir Elton played steady for over two and a half hours. Of course his musical repertoire is large and there was much music for him to choose from. There were songs for instance that I really wished he would sing. I still like "Empty Garden" the best but that was not played. I still have all of that nostalgia about Jennifer (my lovely niece) playing and singing that for her guitar recital. I went she was a young teen at the time. She was excellent – but well of course she is one of the family she had to be excellent! I thought of her last night. I’m sure that Jennifer would have enjoyed it very much. The place was sold out and full of energy. It was truly wonderful to have a night away and to see such a great show. Catherinanne enjoyed herself and that was great for me. I love surprising her and I love it when she enjoyed her birthday. Both things were accomplished in this little mission. I love you Catherinanne – I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Today we were able to visit with Christine Marie, Shawn, and Julia and Sarah (Catherinanne’s Sister and her family.) It was a real treat to visit the kids. Tonight we will visit with Catherinanne’s parents again and then back to work tomorrow.

My favourite line of the concert was “I love being in Canada. After all, I’m half Canadian now.” Sir Elton’s partner/spouse is a Canadian!


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