Great Acts of Love

Last night I was privileged, along with Catherinanne to take our God-daughter Alanah to Page Perreault’s house for a very special birthday party.  You see Page has a foster child in Haiti whose name is Stevens. Yesterday was his birthday and page thought it important to have a celebration of his birthday. So we went. There were a lot of church kids there all celebrating the birthday of a boy they did not know. They all make pictures which page will send to Stevens.

 It was a lot of fun. The kids had ‘make your own” pizza – the “big kids” really liked them. It was really great to see the kids learn so well about outreach and Christian mercy and caring. They talked of how they all wished that Stevens could be there to see and were excited that he would receive something special from that day. He would come to know that children so far away celebrated his birthday.  

Page’s act of love is inspiring to me and I am sue to many others. It is good to see goodness. It is even better to see goodness being taught by a child. Hear what Archbishop Desmond Tutu says about goodness –

“Somehow the world is hungry for goodness and recognizes it when it sees it and has an incredible response to the good. There’s something in all of us that hungers after the good and true, and when we glimpse it in people, we applaud them for it.

 We long to be just a little like them. Through them we let the world’s pain into our hearts, and we find compassion. When things go wrong or have been terribly wrong for some time, their inspiration reminds us of the tenderness for life that we can all feel.”

 It is true that we all hunger after the good. It is true that we love to see it and it inspires us greatly to see good at work in any person. Yesterday was a good reminder of tenderness and goodness and love – and it was expressed in the joy of children who knew that they were doing something good, something right. We all need more days and more reminders of tenderness and love. It is after all the natural response for us. Thank God for kids who can remind us to be tender.

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