Kendall Hebert

Monday morning I was saddened to hear the news on CBC Radio that a young Tecumseh resident had died during a racing accident. (To read more about the accident visit  Just moments later I received a call to officiate at her funeral. Kendall Hebert was a young woman who obviously had a lot of passion for what ever she was involved in. At 17, she had filled a lot of her time making life a full experience. Tomorrow I have the unhappy duty of officiating at her funeral. On Sunday last, Kendall died tragically when her jet powered racing car crashed at nearly 500 km/hr. Kendall was baptised here at St. Mark’s by-the-Lake 17 years ago this month. Tomorrow we bid her farewell as she rest in the hope of the resurrection. In baptism Kendall was "signed with the sign of the cross and marked as Christ’s own forever." In her young life I think she knew she was God’s child as, from all accounts, she worked hard to seek justice and despised intolerance. In baptism we belive we are all given the promise of the resurrection. These days are hard and painful. In the midst of our pain we contunure to remind ourselves and Kendall’s family – that we are an Easter people.We are a people of the resurrection.

I did not know Kendall. Since Monday I have been amazed at the outpouring of emotion toward her family. I was taken by the love shown at the funeral home. In one period of visiting alone over 400 people came to pay their respects. The young people I saw at the funeral home were wonderful. They are holding each other together and they are showing great support and compassion for Kendall’s family. I will pray that I can do what God needs done tomorrow. I pray that in some small way I can help this family grieve their loss. I cannot imagine how very hard this must be for all of them. Kendall overcame lots to achieve her dreams. I pray that we might be present to help this family overcome their grief and suffering to achieve the fullness of God’s peace and consolation in this most terrible hour. Kendall obituary and a book of condolances can be found at


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  1. Kendall was an amazing person she was always so kind to everyone and she alsways got done her projects on time and they were AMAZINGLY done. I went to grade school and to high school with Kendall and we used to hang out. I really miss her and I send my gratitude to her family. I just found this  site so I no im a little late but Its better late then never. No one will ever forget Kendall and all of us have her in our hearts! R.I.P!

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