EMS Awards Night and a a Screech In

Last night Catherinanne and I were privileged to be at the AMEMSO (Association of Municipal Emergency Medical Services of Ontario) awards dinner last night. Windsor was host to the conference and banquet this year. As Chaplain to the Essex-Windsor EMS, I was there to offer the EMS Prayer. It was s special night as Larry Amlin received the Governor General’s award or service. Also special as Cathy Hedges from our Base hospital was honoured and one of our Paramedics from Leamington, Robin was given the N.H. McNally Award of Bravery for his selflessness last year when he dove into lake Erie along with a Leamington Police officer to rescue two drowning girls. It was held at the Cleary and was a great night for sure. We sat with a table full of our paramedics and they were excellent company. We have a great crew.


Just one more sleep (sort of) before Mom and Dad come. They are getting anxious. They have had Fred Cooper and Joyce Schuchard along with Gary and Sharon Morris visiting the last couple of days and from all reports a good time was had by all. Last night Gary and Sharon were made honourary Newfoundlanders when they were Screeched in! You can see photos on the photo section. Mom and Dad will be leaving home at about 2:30 AM and I will be leaving home not long after that to go to Toronto to pick them up. They arrive at 7:15 AM having taking the 5:20 Am flight from St. John’s. I think I feel a nap coming on tomorrow afternoon. Say some prayers for us on the road.

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