I’m Excited!

We are getting excited to have Mom and Dad here. They will arrive on Saturday in Toronto and we are thrilled to bits that they are coming. We are excited to have them here at a different time of year this year. They have usually come in the spring. This will be the first time they will see the trees all leafed in, the corn, while near the end, still standing in places, the apple orchards and on and on. Because they did not come this spring, they have not been here in 17 months. That is a long time given that up until this year, Mom and Dad made 7 trips here every 12 months. This is a particularly special trip as Dad will celebrate his 90th Birthday here in Windsor with us. On September 28th Dad will celebrate 90 years! If you have time on the 29th of September join us at The Knights of Columbus Hall in Emeryville, ON at 7 PM. It will be a Newfoundland Kitchen Party in Dad’s honour. It will no doubt be a great party. I know that they are so excited to. They have come to love everyone here so much and are quote excited to get back here and see everyone.


I am also so excited to be watching hockey highlights…right now at this minute. It has been a long summer. I miss hockey. It is great to have it back even if it is exhibition right now. I look forward to a long winter of the greatest game on earth!


I guess tonight I’m just really excited!

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