A Wedding, A Gala and A Baptism!

Today is probably the blast of summer heat. It is nice sitting out here on the front porch – about 29 C. Everything is still pretty green and lush, although who knows how much longer that will last. In any event we need to be grateful for this tremendously gorgeous day.


We had the baptism of Abby Lyn Guest today and church and she was so beautiful. You can see pictures of her on the photo section of this blog. She looked at me after I poured the water over her and she smiled the most wonderful gummy smile you could ever see. She made me weepy. She was wonderful. Congratulations to Glenn and Jennifer on your big day and to Bill and Holly the Godparents! You all did a tremendous job. Excellent luncheon too! My gosh were those cabbage rolls ever good! Thanks so much for the hospitality.


There has been lots to celebrate the past two days. I had a wedding yesterday – Joe and Sandi. It was a good time and again wonderful hospitality. Something really funny happened at the wedding. Before we started I went into the hall to get my vestments on. When I was coming back everyone was laughing up a storm. – Turns out the Best Man and Matron of Honour thought it was time to star so they processed up the aisle. – They were starting without a groom or a priest. It was hilarious. Everyone began in the best of spirits and that continues throughout the day. Sandi’s two boys participated. Zach was a server and did a brilliant job. Peyton took a speaking role – he announced “YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE!” After the wedding reception we were off to a 60s and 70s theme party so we had wigs and glasses that Joe and Sandi insisted we don for all at the reception to see. We obliged and a great laugh was had by all. I think the highlight for me was seeing Joe in my wig and glasses – groovy man! It was all very beautiful and I thank Joe and Sandi for being a part of this great community and for including me in their wedding plans.   


As I mentioned we were at a theme party in the evening with Saul and Nancy Nosanchuk. It was the AIDS Gala. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Saul and Nancy for a great night.  It was a lot of fun given our youth director Jane, new parishioner Sarah, and Bob Hubbard and Ed Sears were there as well. All of us of course in period costume and all having a rockin’ good time. Congratulations to Ed and Bob on organizing a great event. The cause could not be better and the company was great. Especially exciting to see Motown Legend Martha Reeves as honourary emcee.  I won one of Pandora’s boxes. We bought tickets and there were nine boxes to choose from. Each of the nine winners opened their box at the same time. One of them contained two VIA 1st Class in the Windsor/Quebec City Corridor and all the rest and gift certificates for at least $25. I did not win the rail tickets but it was exciting when I was down to a one in nine chance. Pus it was neat to get a $25 gift card from Starbucks to boot.


It was been a hectic weekend of good times, good causes, and good sacraments. I might now settle down for a bit and watch some football and see how I might do in my pool – Last week I finished 3-12 prompting a name change in my pool – I am now known as “The Last shall be First.” Say a prayer that I do better this week. 1-1 so far. I can’t believe I picked the Lions!

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