Today was great. We had the blessing of the backpacks at church and I do not have a final count yet but I am guessing that there are over 80 in there. Many thanks to all who brought new school bags to share with children across Windsor and Essex County who need them. It was a great liturgy and a good time was had by all.


We were all invited to the St. Gregory’s picnic this afternoon. It was great to see the people of both parishes together in such a fun atmosphere. We brought John and Adam Charlton along with us and we all thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was great to see Elizabeth and Susan and Josephine at the picnic as well.  I was pleased to have time with Fathers Gary, Daniel and Al from that parish. There were fire trucks, and police cars and my favourite – the EMS (Ambulance). I was so excited to see the folks from our service there to entertain the kids and offers tours of the ambulance. They are all such a good crews and I am proud to be their chaplain.


We took great pictures today – thank you Catherinanne. Many thanks to the K of C from St. Greg’s for hosting such a good time.