No Miracles here – Just Indian Food

Happy birthday to Bob and Fred Cooper. The brothers had their birthday on August 24 when they turned 66 and 77 (you can decide who owns what age). They are great guys and I was happy to be with them last night to celebrate the big day. It is hard to believe that twins can be delivered 11 years apart. That must be some kind of record. One thing is for sure we are sure happy that all went well in that 11 year process and that we have you as friends in this parish!


The rain is here … welcome Ernesto! Today I am awaiting Catherinanne’s return from CFB Borden. She finally done on that contract and it could not come soon enough for me. I will be happy to have her home. She is on the road right now and I am busy preparing an Indian dinner of celebratory variety. I visited the Windsor Market earlier and was able to get some fresh baby crabs. I found a great recipe for them…they will live for about another hour or so and then they will meet their maker. I also have a couple of beautiful Salmon Steaks marinating in a tandoori sauce. They will be grilled as well. I have been lucky with Zucchinis this summer so one of our sides will be Grilled Zucchini with Cumin Butter also known as Zeera Mukhon-Walli Gilki. This, of course, will be accompanies by a basmati rice which has been soaking in flavours of many spices and herbs for a few days.  I have not yet decided on a dessert.  I think it will be a great meal!


Yesterday was interesting. I received many calls and emails regarding the Windsor Star article. I was touched by all of the kind words from so many people.  I must say that I think the piece is good for the parish and that makes me happy but I really believe that it focuses way too much on me. It really exaggerates the whole idea of the parish being on the brink of closure. I think St. Mark’s by-the-Lake is a special place because in the midst of any trouble it has had in the past it never came to a place of closure. The people of God have shown here again and again (in many cases in spite of ordained leadership and not because of it) that they would be church. I was the fortunate one who came to this unbelievable place. There have always been a strong core group of Christian disciples who have made this church a place of God’s grace and love. I am no miracle worker! I am pretty much what you see is what you get. Some days I get it right and some days it comes a little harder to me. I do love the people here very much and I love the ministry in which I am engaged here. I strive to give 110 % effort. It makes me proud to see what we are able to do when all folks take their baptismal ministry seriously. Thank you – all of you for your kind words, but thank you more for working so hard to be Church – you are bringing to life the reign of Christ.  


I have to go solve dessert. If you have any easy ideas send them along!

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