I’m Back At It!

THE BLOG is back! You can judge for yourselves weather that is good or bad. I decided mostly against blogging while on vacation. There was way too much fun and excitement for that.  


We had a wonderful time on the rock and as always the family is wonderful and treat us so well while we were there. We had opportunity this time to visit my nephew Roger’s cabin on Random Island. It is simply heavenly. It is quiet and peaceful and absolutely pristine. I will attach a couple f photos at the bottom for your pleasure. We had great fun watching me get plunged into the lake falling from a Double Dog – towed at 50 kms per hour behind the boat. We also visited France while there. That is right – FRANCE! The French Islands of St. Pierre et Miquelon are found just off the south coast of Newfoundland. It is a short 55 minute ferry ride to get to a little piece of Europe right next to North America. It is a very different way of living over there and we had a great time. We travelled with my sister Helen and her husband Gary and my Brother James and his wife Clara. A good time was had by all. But mostly we got to spend time with family. Dad’s 90th Birthday celebration was fantastic as was out family golf outing – affectionately named Georgefest. I was also able to spend time with my Uncle Ches who is now in a nursing home and has aged a lot since I last saw him. We were of course pleased to have time with Andrea and Becky and their sister Leah. We had great days as well with all of the children. Catherinanne and I delight in having time with the children. In all of that it was great to spend so much time with mom and dad and with all of the family. I am fortunate to have such a “great crowd.”


Coming home was good to. We arrived back on Friday and I started in with getting into the swing of things. It is always and interesting process when you have been away. I miss the community of St. Mark’s when I am away and being with them all again on Sunday was a real treat. While I was away I missed joy and pain but I was present to it all in thought and in prayer. I was able to enjoy rest because of the dedication of a faithful and exceptional priest and honourary assistant – Geoff Dibbs. Thanks Geoff for being so very present to our parish and for all that you did while I was away. We were only back for a day when Catherinanne left for CFB Borden for 2 more weeks. These, thank God, are the last ones for the summer.


I look forward to some fun with you all this summer – what is left of it! Watch for the Blog ……itsssss baaaaaaack!

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