The Dog Days of Summer! UPDATED!!!!!!

The Last two days have been unbelievably hot. It was 36 C on Monday with a humidex of 48 C and it was 37 C yesterday with a humidex of over 48 C. Holy hot Batman! There was no relief from the heat but to hit the air-conditioning or get in a pool. I was big on both.

 The last few days have been interesting for sure. I am off work right now but we have had a host of computer problems at the church which have kept me hopping.

Today I will find relief from the heat. We are going to see family and friends in NL and we will no doubt appreciate the cooler days there. I see from the weather channel as I write this at 6:30 AM that it is 13 C in St. John’s right now while it feels like 39 C here.  It is forecasted to go to 17 C there today while it’ll be another stinker here. The forecast high between now and August 8 in St. John’s is 19 C. All that being said it will be welcomed, free air-conditioning.

 No More Sleeps!

On the way home now…We are at Halifax Airport for a more than 2 hour layover. We found an excellent way to spend some of that time. Massage! It is great. After a long flight with stiff backs…we got massages. Now we feel great!

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