This has been wonderful weekend.

We just returned from 8 AM church at St. Francis Church here in Petoskey. That’s right! Church at 8 AM! And it was really good. We wanted to go to church with Grandpa and he was going at 8 AM, so 8 AM it was. It was a lovely celebration of Eucharist with a great reminder of our abundance and our need to respond from that abundance. I left thinking about how we have so much and asking myself how I might find more ways to share the abundance that we enjoy with those who are impoverished in any way.


Yesterday was the family reunion and it was a good celebration of family and fun. Many Thanks to Tom and Sue Foltz for working so hard and planning such a wonderful day. It was great. It was, as always, very heartening to spend time with Grandpa Foltz and with all of his family immediate and extended. We did it all yesterday, from eating to three legged races, to swimming, to eating, to sack races, to eating, to tug o’ war, to eating…you get the idea.  We finished the day around a campfire at campground where some of Catherinanne’s siblings were camping. It was all a lot of fun.


When I think of abundance and the need to find ways to share it, I think that we sure enjoyed a lot of abundance yesterday, not just food and stuff, but an abundance of fun, fellowship, love and joy. We should have the courage as people to find ways to bring that same sense of love and joy to all.


I give thanks to God this Sunday for all the love and Joy I know in my life, from my wife, my wife’s family, from my family, from my parish family, from my friends and from the wider church. I pray that I might find ways to reach out of that love to respond to those in the world, who are hungry, lonely, rejected, sick, naked, hurting, and broken. How about we look to find ways to do that together.

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