Front-porch firelies

I love our front porch. It is great being out there at night. Tonight I was able to sit out there with some citronella candles burning and a wonderful warm cup of tea. It is peaceful out there. The gardens are all doing well and are all looking good and make for a pleasant environment.


Sitting on the step I was taken with not just the sights but the sounds. It is pretty quiet out there apart from the sound of a bird here and there. I also hear all the trains that come by. Oddly enough I suspect that many in the neighbourhood don’t even notice. But I never heard or saw many trains in NL so I notice them all here. I was still pretty young when the rails came up in Newfoundland.


The other great thing is lightning bugs or fireflies. These are so great. Sitting on the step and seeing odd flashes of light all over the yard is just fascinating. Creation is a wonderful thing. The fire fly is actually a beetle. They are a happy sign for those of us who garden as they eat slugs and snails. Beyond all the wonder of it all they are just really, really neat. Here we have an insect that makes light to ward off predators and woo mates. From my chair on the front porch all I see is a neat expression of God’s light in a little beetle. There goes another one


Pardon me but it is time for more tea!  

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