NB Gas stations shut off pumps

  New Brunswick has joined the world of regulated gas prices. Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia  and Prince Edward Island are also regulated. In NB that means this week gas is selling at $1.12 a litre. Reading the news this morning I found an article about the outrage from local pump owners at the pricing (The web page is http://www.macleans.ca/topstories/politics/news/shownews.jsp?content=n071017A). This to me is laughable. With all of the money the gas companies are making I am shocked that the reaction can be so strong. Some pumps have shut down with the assertion that they cannot make money at a paltry $1.12 a litre. Give me a break! This is nuts. If we were not so dependant on gasoline, perhaps we the consumer could have closed of the containers, and bought no gas. If these pump owners cannot make a profit margin they ought to go back to their wholesalers and fix the problem. They are charging the public enough for the product. The government there is at least trying to make life better for the consumer. At some point we need to stand up against the big oil companies.

The article is interesting. Give it a read – I cannot believe that they can shut down the pumps in protest – what next? Will they take their ball and go home?

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