Birthdays and Engagements

Social occasions are great. Today brought a couple of them I was happy to be with Mary Jo Ellwood and Jeff Camboia today as they celebrated their engagement. Mary Jo and Jeff will be married at St. Mark’s on December 9, 2006. We look forward to that day. It was nice meeting Jeff’s family from Woodstock today. December 9 will no doubt be a happy day – the good news it is very soon!


My neighbour Steve turned 59 today. Along with my sister-in-law Clara and my best friend Craig Martin, and my friend and mentor the Reverend Morley Boutcher. It is a big day for birthdays. I celebrated all of their birthdays by enjoying my buddy Steve’s with a prime rib roast on the BBQ and the first Essex County Corn of season. Also I cut the first zucchinis from my garden.Man was it good. The pool at 92 degrees wasn’t too bad either. Melanie is Steve’s daughter and her boyfriend Mike who is a great guy came to dinner as well. He has a great sense of humour and takes a ribbing real well.  Happy Birthday Steve and thanks for a great day.


The missing element today was Catherinanne. I miss having her here when there is so much going on. It is not as much fun going to stuff solo all the time. She is having a busy time in Borden. There seems to be lots of work there for a Chaplain.


Been a great day and a wonderful night. It is gorgeous out here on the front porch with candles burning and all the sounds of the neighbourhood and a nice glass of red wine. I look forward to tomorrow. It is always great to get together with the parish family.

Till tomorrow then!

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