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June 2006

On Day-long Meetings

Yesterday (wait a minute…that sounds a little too Paul McCartney ….) was a long day for meetings. I had clericus in the morning which, with lunch was a 8:30 AM to 2:30 Pm door to door meeting. Then I had... Continue Reading →

Empowered to Be

"Who are we? Are we what we do? Are we what others say about us? Are we the power we have? It often seems that way in our society. But the Spirit of Jesus given to us reveals our true... Continue Reading →

50 years of Marriage and Servers having Fun

Sundays are always such a delight. Today was no different. We had great participation at church and Geoff’s homily was great as usual. I loved the joke about the braggart and the teacher! I was unable to stay for the... Continue Reading →

Doug Cook – Purple and Proud

Dave, Andrew and Barb are Doug Cook’s kids. They are very kind and caring people which says a lot about Doug and how he raised his family. I was pleased today to be able to participate with them in celebrating... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home Catherinanne

I am very pleased to say Catherinanne is home! I have missed her this week and I am pleased to have this weekend with her before she has to go again for a couple of weeks. I am a creature... Continue Reading →

EMS, Drive by Visits, Choirs, Education and Saying Goodbye.

 Lots of activity today.  I was on the Road with Essex-Windsor EMS. I got to meet some of the paramedics in the county and to see some of the many stations around town. I am pleased to be able to... Continue Reading →

Priestly Anniversarys Abound!

It seems to me that 1953 was an important year.  First of all Les Canadiens de Montreal defeated the mighty Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup. In the same year American medical researcher Dr. Jonas Salk announces on a... Continue Reading →

Eight Years a Priest

  Today is the anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood. I was ordained to the Sacred Order of Priest on the feast of St. Boniface – June 5, 1998 in the church of St. Matthew Heart’s Delight Newfoundland. I... Continue Reading →

Goooyeeducks, Pentecost and missing wives.

  Last night we were privileged to be guest at Al and Sandra Hertel’s It was a great night. Thanks so much for your kind hospitality. We really enjoyed ourselves. The food was excellent, the company was great and the... Continue Reading →

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