Fireworks – Crackling Thunder

Last night was the fireworks gala. It was a great time as usual. There is really nothing quite like being on that balcony as those fireworks go off. Your body shakes, the sound is amazing and it really feels like the explosions are happening close enough to touch. This year our parish partnered with the FDJ Dragon-boat fundraiser for Breast Cancer.


The food was wonderful as usual and Pam Labute at the Cleary was so helpful. There was some panic earlier in the day as we all worried about the thunder storms that rolled through the area. It seems to happen that way every year. I remember carting sound equipment in the rain last year and thinking there was no way we would get the fireworks in – and lo and behold, it all worked out.


Last night was the 26th wedding anniversary of our friends Donna and Jerry Marcotte. I was glad to be with them as they celebrated. Donna and Jerry are good friends and wonderful people and they deserve the best. Congratulations you two!


Today brought the sad duty of saying farewell to Vi Stirling. Vi was 94! She loved golf and she loved he husband, as she called him “my David.” Vi had Alzheimer’s disease for a long time. Vi and David had no family to speak of and today’s funeral was very small with about 20 people in attendance, including the staff of Marcotte’s. Still we gave her a great funeral liturgy and we shared together the pain of saying good-bye. Yet today is also a chance to celebrate Vi’s freedom from confusion. I picture Vi in paradise – reunited with her husband and her face lighting up, and she will say – “my David!”


PS Check Back tomorrow for a phto of Vi as well as more Fireworks pics. I have used my upload limit for June

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