Thank you St. John’s

The fun never ends. Last night we all had a great time bowling with our friends at St. John’s in Sandwich. Dorthea Carr from that parish organized a great evening. Our thanks go to her and to Father Bill and all from St. John’s for a great time. It was great to have folks together from all ages. It was a great showing of community. Kids and seniors alike all enjoyed themselves.


Those who are on the pro tour need not fear for their job security based on my play. The only solace was that I managed to score better than Bill Bradley. Having said that it was clear based on tow out of three games that Catherinanne is much better that the game than I am.


I was very impressed with Chris Hornby and his skill as well. Chris was a great sport and showed us all that we really do not need to be limited in any way. Way to go buddy – you are an inspiration to all of us. Check out the photos in the picture section


Today has been interesting with many twists and turns. There is lots of getting ready for the big Fireworks gala tomorrow, I had a nursing home service and I spent some time doing office work. Today also brought the sad news of Vi Stirling’s death. Vi was a long time parishioner who we have been praying for these past 7 years since she moved into the nursing home. We will say goodbye to her on Thursday morning at 11 PM. She had no family but her deceased husband and this church community. If you are available on Thursday come by and help say farewell to a sister of your church.


Till tomorrow …

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