Great Parish Picnic – On with the Bowling

WOW – several days with no blogging – I promise to be better!


Parish picnics are great – outdoor liturgies as well. Yesterday was so awesome. Eveything was great from the weather, to the music, to the liturgy, to the youth and children participation, to the fun in the dunk tank…ok well lets not get carried away.


What really impresses me is how involved everyone is in the community. When 150 people come our for church and a picnic it really feels great. The community is alive and well. Take a look at the photos in the photo section and you will see that there was a lot of fun, a lot of games, a lot of fellowship, and a lot of prayer as well. We really do a great job of celebrating God in our lives.


Tonight we will have fun yet again. We will be bowling with the folks from St. John’s in Sandwich. I have not bowled in years, so this ought to be entertaining at least. This will be the second annual and we look forward to seeing how we do with our bowling skills.


I’ll check in later…perhaps with a photo or two of yours truly making a fool of himself.


Catherinanne is home and that makes Kevin a very happy boy!  

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