Readiness for Responsibility


Monday night was a disappointing night. I came home from a delightful prenuptial meeting to watch The Oilers loose to the Hurricanes. This of course means the Stanley Cup continues to reside in the southern U.S. Is it is not enough to handle that I am watching hockey just before the first day of summer? Now I have to sit and think of the Cup living in the Carolinas. It is just not right. Well okay – It really is not all that bad. It was a great game and the Oilers gave us all a lot to cheer for these past couple of weeks. Who knows what will happen next season – perhaps my Montreal Canadiens will mount a cup run.


In any event Tuesday brought about much to make the world right. I went out on the golf course. My play was awful. I have not golfed since last year and it more than showed. The upside of the outing can best be summed up in the Words of Mark Charlton as we walked between the 6th and 7th holes – “this beats clericus doesn’t it?” He was right – it was a gorgeous day outside and it was excellent company (Thanks Mark) and it was good exercise – especially for the guy doing all of the swinging. And even though it was not a good day – it was a break from the day to day routine and greatly appreciated.


On Tuesday night two Markus Teams – the Youth Team and the New Comer Management Team met tonight. I was pleased to be present with the youth team and to hear the great and wonderful ideas that come from the disciples in the parish. I am certain that the same kind of good dialogue and conversation was evidenced at the other team’s meeting as well. Last night, a group met to begin dialoguing about Outreach and Justice. Today I had a very positive conversation with some folks about a Mothers or Parents group starting at the church. The possibilities for us at St. Mark’s by-the-Lake are really limitless.


I am about ready to “go to coosh” or go to bed. I had a great chance to talk with Catherinanne a few minutes ago. She has been in Borden for nearly two weeks now and I will be happy when she gets back on Saturday. She is looking forward to being back for the big parish picnic on Sunday. It is going to be a great day with big slides, bouncy castles and of course the dunk tank. (Good news we have Glen Jollimore volunteering to be the parent in the “Dunk the Parent tank”) We will have church outside and we have planned a great liturgy.


I finish today thanking God for all that is good in this place. I am pleased to be a part of this great community. Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, “Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility.” I am so pleased to disciple among a people who have a great readiness for responsibility. We are springing to action in this parish which is a great testament to the fact that so many are taking ownership of ministry here. It is an exciting place to be.


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