Frank Taylor – Rest In Peace

Yesterday I was honoured to be present for Frank Taylor’s funeral. Frank was a paramedic for 36 years and will be sadly missed. I did not know Frank but from everything I have heard was an awfully nice guy. Frank had cancer and fought a brief but courageous battle. He was well thought of by all who knew him. The show of care and support from all of the EMS staff and personnel was very touching and indeed a sign of the community that we have at the Essex-Windsor EMS and how wonderfully we can show our community when needed. Seeing our paramedics in full uniform and all being so brave in the midst of their own sadness and pain was inspiring to all who were in attendance. I was proud of them all and am proud to be their chaplain. One of the paramedics, Tim sang a couple of songs that he wrote. Both were so fitting and so wonderfully offered. Tim God has given you a great gift – Thank you for sharing that gift with all of us yesterday. Frank’s wife Michelle is also a paramedic. Yesterday she paid tribute to Frank with a wonderful eulogy that told his story. She is a great person and has been so strong in all of this – we are all keeping her and the family in our prayers as the forge ahead together.


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