On Day-long Meetings

Yesterday (wait a minute…that sounds a little too Paul McCartney ….) was a long day for meetings. I had clericus in the morning which, with lunch was a 8:30 AM to 2:30 Pm door to door meeting. Then I had a warden’s meeting at 6:30 PM and Parish Council at 7:30 PM. By 9 PM I was meetinged out.


After Clericus I was really tired…had a headache, was frustrated and generally not in a good mood. I’m not sure what that says about the whole thing for me … but there you have it. I sometimes feel very out of step with the church. I was astonished at the number of people who seemed pleased with synod this year. I was totally frustrated by it. These things tend to give me a little complex and then I think of my friend Nouwen and remember what he says about being empowered to be and I can move on. Nothing helps me more than the parish council and the wardens at St. Mark’s by-the-Lake who have a capacity to help me forget all of the strange minutia of the church. In meeting we seem to have fun, even laugh. When necessary we even debate. It seems the group are really capable at being church. The last thing we seem to do is get bogged down in minutia. We enjoy each other so much we even take time for a social beverage at the end of the day at Johnny Shotz (http://www.johnnyshotz.com). It was a good night and I enjoyed spending time with our people.


It sure was a long day yesterday and in the middle of the day I was not feeling great about its’ progress … but the day was redeemed by a people of God who are doing marvellous things. There is success in ministry at St. Mark’s – if you want to see why pop out to a parish council meeting and meet the people who lead. Enjoy their company and you realize the great spirit of progress there is in this place.


Today brings another great group that bear witness to why people love it here. We are off to Arby’s again today and will no doubt enjoy ourselves with much laughter and with good tenderness.


Funny how one can feel so different about getting to work. Yesterday I was not too excited to get out the door. Today – I can’t wait! Look out Great Canadian Sandwich – here I come!

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