50 years of Marriage and Servers having Fun

Sundays are always such a delight. Today was no different. We had great participation at church and Geoff’s homily was great as usual. I loved the joke about the braggart and the teacher! I was unable to stay for the end of church as I was assisting at a 50th Anniversary renewal of vows at St. John’s in Sandwich. It was quite lovely to be with Walter and Vi Murphy as they expressed their love again 50 years after the fact, in the same parish church. Congratulations on your Golden Anniversary – I do hope you has a great rest of the day. I missed a great party for Susan Mauro one of our little girls from the Sudan who we brought to Canada along with her sister and her Mom. Happy Birthday Susan. We are delighted to have you in Canada.


I returned home to have lunch with Catherinanne and to say goodbye to her. She is off to Borden for the next couple of weeks. Pray for me for the next couple of weeks. I will look forward to her return.


From three PM on we had a servers festival at the church. We, in fact, took all the servers to the park on Little River Road. It was excellent over there. We came back and enjoyed a great dinner and learned how to make walking tacos. Very easy to make – I can give more detail if you need it. We finished the day with a creative liturgy which Jane put together. The highlight was a “take part” sermon. We all took a moment and painted a symbol on canvas of how we see God in our lives and on our journey. It turned out being an interesting work of collective art and you can see it in the photo section the page. It was without a doubt a good exercise in using our mind to express out faith in a visual way.


It was a good day. I had a chance to “chat” with Helen and Gary and to water the gardens and to watch some TV. It has been a good day and I am pleased to bring t to a close now. I hope to rest well. And I look forward to greeting tomorrow.

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