Doug Cook – Purple and Proud

Dave, Andrew and Barb are Doug Cook’s kids. They are very kind and caring people which says a lot about Doug and how he raised his family. I was pleased today to be able to participate with them in celebrating Doug’s life. Thank you to the three of you and to your families for inviting me into the midst of this difficult part of your journey.


Doug was a great football player and a star at the University of Western Ontario (Purple and Proud). He played with the Toronto Argonauts and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Doug had a very clear idea of what it meant to “fight the good fight.” He lived his life in such a way that he displayed to all who knew him that he wanted to succeed at being a good person, a decent human being. Doug in his love for family and friends displayed well the act of being a disciple of goodness.


It was hard saying farewell today. Each time I have to officiate at a funeral of a parishioner it hurts because we as a community have lost a member. We have to grieve as do the family and friends. Doug’s church family have lost a brother. But I know that Doug has left a mark on the soul of our church. He will always be a part of our communal story.


I was pleased today when Robert Cooper spoke of all of Doug’s loves. I was delighted when he named his church as one of them. While it may be true to say that Doug loved St. Mark’s, it would a sad omission if I did not state with clarity that Doug’s church (St. Mark’s) loved him as well.


Thanks be to God for loving us with people like Doug Cook. We will miss you Doug.  

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