Priestly Anniversarys Abound!

It seems to me that 1953 was an important year.  First of all Les Canadiens de Montreal defeated the mighty Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup. In the same year American medical researcher Dr. Jonas Salk announces on a national radio show that he has successfully tested a vaccine against poliomyelitis, the virus that causes the crippling disease of polio. Eisenhower became president and Stalin died. Those two things were not connected – I just wrote it that way.


June 07, 1953 was Trinity Sunday. On that day in Boston Mass. The first network telecast in compatible colour aired. Can you imagine? Just walk into any electronics store and  behold the plasma TVs and the many advances we have had since that first colour telecast. Also on June 07, 1953  at an elderly age,  Mary Terrell respected black advocate as well as women’s rights champion  wins the struggle to end segregation in Wash DC restaurants.


Most importantly – on June 07, Trinity Sunday 1953 – Geoff Dibbs was ordained Priest. Today we celebrated with him with our Wednesday community. Geoff was the celebrant at our Mass and as always he brought great dignity to our day and gifted us with his sacramental presence. We also had a great time at Arby’s and all shared in a cake and sung to Geoff in thanksgiving for his ministry with us. Geoff came on the strength of the Diocese of Huron in 1966 and has been bring his unique sense of priestly ministry to the people of this Diocese ever since. Geoff has a great sense of wit and humour – he has to in order to function with me at St. Mark’s. I have been fortunate to have this man in my life these past years as he is an exemplary priest and a dedicated man of God. Above all else Geoff is a gentleman.


Geoff is pretty humble, but ask him sometime about his service to country, to his Queen, to his church, his family and to his art – Magic! That’s right he is a magician.  Geoff has accomplished a tonne in life. Today is a good chance to celebrate one aspect of his accomplishment – priestly ministry. I am pleased to say that I have benefited from this part of Geoff’s life and I am even more pleased to call him friend – in that friendship I have come to know an accomplished husband, father, editor, magician, chaplain, comedian, friend, and Christian man. Congratulations Geoff! Tanks for sharing your ministry with us at St. Mark’s by-the-Lake.


P.S Check in a couple of Hours for some photos of  our fun at Arby’s today.

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