Goooyeeducks, Pentecost and missing wives.


Last night we were privileged to be guest at Al and Sandra Hertel’s It was a great night. Thanks so much for your kind hospitality. We really enjoyed ourselves. The food was excellent, the company was great and the video about the Geoduck (pronounced Gooyeeduck) fishery was terrific. There are strange looking clams that are harvested by diving of the North of B.C. Al does it for a living and it was fascinating to see excaltley what he does out there.


Today was like a big birthday party at the church. Pentecost is the birthday of the church. We had a cake and the kids and the congregation sang happy birthday. We made wishes. Here is some of what the kids offered as their wish – “That the church continue to grow and be strong.” “That the church keep going.” “That more people learn to love Jesus.” It is far to say that the children do teach us a lot.  


Today we reminded ourselves that we as a parish have worked hard and have seen our way out of our “valley of dry bones.” We are inspired by the great story from Ezekiel to continue to move forward having felt the might wind of God blow into our midst to bring life and vitality to our church.


My prayer is for the wider church that it to may feel that mighty wind and may be brought to life. I hope that the church can stand up straight from its dryness and be a church that lead our culture instead of always chasing after it.


It is pretty quite here right at the moment. Catherinanne is away this week for a conference. I will no doubt miss her. This is the beginning of many stints away for her and I best get used to it. She is fortunate to have the work. All of the trips are a part of her function as a Reserve Military Chaplain. She loves that work and she is very good at it. It has a definite end though. The fall will bring normalcy again – I hope and will will vacation together mid summer. I guess it will be a midsummer’s night dream!

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