The Holy Spirit Enlivened The Markus Committee Tonight

Tonight the Markus committee had its big meeting with all of the component teams. It was an excellent meeting and a great start to our process of “Raising the Roof.” How did we get to tonight?

The Markus committee was formed in January and met three times before the end of May. A few weeks ago we created team captains from the Markus Committee and invited the wider congregations to join the teams. There were six teams in particular; 1) Youth Ministry, 2) Ministry Team, 3) New Member Management team, 4) The Plant [Building and Property] team, 5) Communications Team, 6) Christian Education Team. We were thrilled to find that over 30 people signed on to be involved in the process. With the committee members that makes over 40 people involved in the learning process around this parish and its growth. That is a wonderful feat in itself.


I was uncertain how things would go this evening. I was thrilled before we got here because of the great interest expressed. Having said that, one never knows how people will respond when they are together. I was impressed beyond telling with the dialogue, conversation, enjoyment and exuberance shown by all who participated tonight. There were common issues that rose to the surface. We have a great need for more well oiled programs around ministries that take place and in all aspects we need to spend some time focused on training. It was raised more than once that we need to look at staffing. We have to staff for the growth we are experiencing, weather volunteer or paid. The issues that we face around parking were met with such creative suggestion for the short term a as having the choir and staff who arrive early park at the Montessori School. We know that we have parking and seating issues and they impact liturgy and worship, new member management, youth, plant management, pastoral care and so much more. I just am delighted at the fact that we had such a realistic group who were prepared to converse about these issues tonight. I could probably go on forever about all of this as I feel quite passionate about it. 


The six teams have made plans to meet over the next weeks and months and we intend in the fall to meet again as a large group to report on our progress and have a conversation with our Bishop Bob Bennett. I am looking forward to the meetings and the reports that come from them. I’ll lie down tonight but with all of these great ideas in my head, who knows if I’ll really sleep. Many thanks to all of you who were here tonight. You have served your God well. I was privileged tonight to see the Spirit of the Living God falling fresh on this parish.

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