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May 2006

Lots of Learning

  Today was a long day with lots of learning and great conversation about growing church. I will be back to t. mark’s in a couple of days, no doubt armed with lots of good questions. While I was having... Continue Reading →

On Missing Birthdays

Robert Frost is certainly one of my favourite poets. He was credited with saying, “A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age.”   I am many things, yesterday I was not a... Continue Reading →

Radio, Social Occassions & Church Growth

  NOTE: Those who are used to tuning into CBC 1550 for “Jump Start Trivia” on Monday mornings you may have been dismayed this morning as it was a holiday. Don’t fret. It will air tomorrow morning at 6:40 AM.... Continue Reading →

Today I Smell like dirt!

  Lots of planting today – the gardens are looking good. While we tilled the soil my mind was with all of you in NL who were at the funeral. I planted a Flowering Maple. This is a beautiful plant... Continue Reading →

Do you smell like dirt?

  Margaret Atwood said “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”   Congratulations Catherinanne. You have fulfilled that purpose. You smell like dirt. Catherinanne and I love the garden. We had very little... Continue Reading →

Love Will Remain

  Hope and faith will both come to an end when we die. But love will remain. Love is eternal. Love comes from God and returns to God. When we die, we will lose everything that life gave us except... Continue Reading →

Robert Harnum – Rest In Peace

 Two boys, young 8 and 9 I believe. They were orphaned when their parents both died of TB in Newfoundland over 60 years ago. Their father was my grandmother George’s brother. They were my Dad’s first cousins. My father at... Continue Reading →

Rhubarb Pies

The sense of smell can do wonderful things. I am sitting in my kitchen and I am thrown back I time to Nan and Pop Whyatt’s house. When summer would come in Newfoundland, it usually meant a visit to Pilley’s... Continue Reading →

You shall know Him in the breaking of the bread.

  Hospitality is a great gift to offer anyone. Catherinanne and I are the most happy recipients all too often of the hospitality of so many in this parish. We are grateful for all of the goodness and love shown... Continue Reading →

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