Can’t wait for Arby’s

Some days you really don’t feel great. Today is one of those days. I think the challenge to get going in the morning is harder when you feel terrible. I just feel very congested this morning. It could be the weather…there is a enough smog to choke ya. Nonetheless the day awaits and there is a lot to do.


I’m looking forward to Arby’s today. I missed last week as I was in Rochester. It is a small group we have on Wednesday’s but it is a great community and I miss it when I am not able to be there. The change to pray together and to have fellowship together is something I look forward to each and every week.


Supposed to be another stinker here today. Very hot, very humid. This should be good for the vegetables I planted yesterday. Its like a greenhouse outside and I know the tomato plants love that. I know, I should have it all in by now … but surprise, surprise I was behind in that was well. It was exciting to get it in the ground yesterday. I planted a garden for the first time last year and really enjoyed watching it through the summer and picking buckets and buckets of tomatoes. This year I have tried some peppers and zucchinis as well.


Anyhow…I gotta get back at work. Have a great day everyone!

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