Are you familiar with the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy?

If you are, try out these words with that tune and you will get my experience of synod today.


Boring, Boring, Boring

Synod’s awfully boring.

Speakers are long winded

and speak in monotone.

Boring, boring, boring

This day was awfully boring

Me and three persons, stuck in misery.


I should not be too unkind….but it really was a lot to take. In any event …here is the news from today. We came close to making a decision, but we referred it to someone else, hate to make a decision while we are here. We did not change the canon regarding the month of synod, there is room in the canon already for that to take place. We can’t be sure if that means there will be a change in timing or not. There was a great photo of Marion and Ray Hinton on the big screen for the Huron Church Camp cleanup. We had great dinner and good conversation and we have been able network with folks around the diocese and that is always good I guess. Sometimes I think we get bogged down in stuff that does not matter and we forget that we are the church. Called to be more than mangers of everything. Bridget Willard   writes “We get so focused on micromanaging God and His Kingdom that we forget to realize that He is more than capable of handling things on His own!” I am reminded of that after today.


Perhaps the lesson is that we need to be conscious of how we micromanage God in our own day to day lives the way we corporately can micromanage God as well. I think as I lay down to rest I will pray that I can find the ways that I try to manage God in my life and struggle to find ways to let God manage me instead.