I now know What Happened to Jump Start Trivia?

We are in London. All is well.

The synod service was its usual 2 plus hour self in the swealtering heat.


Catherinanne I did have a great chance to talk  with Percy and Sue O’Driscoll. I miss them both. It was good to chat. Percy saved my clerical life nearly 8 years ago when he made it possible for me to come to St. Mark’s by-the-Lake. I shall never forget how pastoral he was to me as a bishop to a priest. I was not accustomed to haveing that kind of care from a bishop. Thank you Percy!


I’ve been up since 6:30 AM. I was hoping to hear “Jump Start Trivia.” So far it has not aired. It is supposed to air at 6:40. A number of you asked about when to listen. I told you 6:40 AM …. Sorry I had no idea it was moved and I do not yet know when it was moved to? Oh well….I may be cancelled. Is it possible? Anything is possible!


Well, I best get ready for a day of exciting sessions at Synod … Yippee!



Jump Start Trivia is airing at 8:15 AM this morning. I just heard Tony Doucette Say so. Thank God I wasn’t cancelled. My legions of fans could not bear it (LOL)

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