Welcome Back Tom

We have missed our Tom Holmes since back in December when his health really started to fail. In January Tom was given a new heart in London and has fought hard to get better and get back. We were delighted at church today to see him to be able to hug him and welcome him home. St. Mark’s by-the-Lake has been praying for Tom each and every day that he has been away from us. It was a prayer answered seeing him in the congregation today!


The kids celebrated Ascension Sunday by sending off balloons with messages of love, hope and Christian loving along with the parish’s name. We all went outside and watched as the balloons flew high into the sky headed north over the lake to Michigan. We may have a tonne of Americans in church next week – who knows? We were treated to a great homily from Geoff Dibbs – our Honourary Assistant today. We were remined of our call to minister. All of us are called not just the ordained. Great job Geoff! We all have our work cut out for us. We are being asked to lose our lives to gain them. We often treat "church" as a place to get something. Thank you for reminding us that it is a place where we come to offer our ministries to each other. It is great to have a good preacher at St. Mark’s for a change.


No sooner do I get settled then we have to go again. This time its off to Synod. I am not sure there will be the same level of excitement with this group as there was with the course on was on but who really can tell? I will be online in London tomorrow and Tuesday morning and will be back on Tuesday afternoon.


The weather has become amazing. Well over thirty here today with the humidex. I love it…at least for now!  As I was just out in the garden enjoying the sun I was reminded of how fortunate we really are here. I was feeling over heated and was about to complain when I though about the heat in Indonesia today coupled with the disaster of thousand of people dead in the streets and many more missing after the devastating earthquakes this week. I really think there is no need to complain about the heat but rather say a prayer that those who suffer will be given strength.


Oh yeah, the movie – “The Greatest Game Ever Played.” It was quite will done. It was a good family film and it touches well on the issues of class, determination and following your dreams.  I would recommend watching. It was worth the rental for sure.


Happy Sunday all!

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